Film Evening

20.03.2024 at 7pm

vlna vs. břeh / wave vs. shore
SK, CZ 2014, 88 Min., OmeU, Regie: Martin Štrba
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World-famous Slovak photographers prepare a joint exhibition and recall the eventful years of their artistic beginnings. The film is a creative portrait of impressive artistic personalities and at the same time a fascinating contemporary document.

Jano Pavlík, Rudo Prekop, Vasil Stanko, Tono Stano, Miro Švolík, Kamil Varga and Peter Župník – they met in the early 1980s as photography students at the Prague Film Academy FAMU and later became internationally renowned photographers and pioneers of Slovak photography. Art critics call this extraordinary generation the “Slovak new wave”. The works of these photographers are characterized by a special energy and unbridled imagination.