An exhibition and digital tour around selected sculptures and architectural artworks from the Alexanderplatz through the Leipziger Straße to the Platz des Volksaufstands von 1953.

A project by KVOST – concept Stephan Koal
together with Edouard Compere, Martin Maleschka and Reinder Wijnveld
in cooperation with History App Berlin

The “Komplex Leipziger Straße” became listed as a heritage site in July 2020. The office of the Kunstverein Ost – KVOST is located at Leipziger Straße 47, in the very heart of this large urban project which first took shape in 1969. Shaped concrete blocks frame the entrance of the Kunstverein and other sculptures and mosaics are to be found in the immediate vicinity.

Besides a great variety of individual sculptures and architectural artworks are to be found along the axis Alexanderplatz – Potsdamer Platz, each of them worthy of being discovered and discussed by a broader audience.

The goal of the project is to impart concrete knowledge about the artworks and artists which were involved in the reconstruction of the East-Berlin city center in the GDR.