We, the Kunstverein Ost, stand with Ukraine and in solidarity with displaced people from Ukraine and the whole world, regardless of the origins of their displacement such as the violence of war or natural disasters.

Kunstverein Ost – KVOST for short – was established in 2018 and is dedicated to promoting artists who come from Central and Eastern Europe or whose life and work are shaped by the former Eastern bloc.

The building that houses the Kunstverein reflects this; situated in Berlin’s Mitte district, it was part of the major urban development project of Leipziger Straße, once designed as a socialist utopia.

Located at the geographical centre of Berlin, just next to the former wall, this is a place where history and the present day, East and West, meet face to face.

Offering stipends and a residency programme, KVOST invites selected artists to explore the multifaceted nature of a place and its surroundings or delve into other aspects of the east, presenting the resulting works in solo exhibitions.

Group exhibitions, cultural tours and discussions offer further opportunities for exchange on the aesthetic, political and personal narratives that define Eastern Europe beyond the usual clichés and prejudices. Especially with nationalism on the rise in many European states, the Kunstverein sees cultural exchange as a way to build bridges.

KVOST thus fills a gap in Berlin’s cultural landscape, presenting the East not within the confines of a museum, but as a relevant reflection of contemporary artistic production.

Artistic Advisory Board
Nathalie Hoyos, Rainald Schumacher

Board of Kunstverein Ost
Stephan Koal (Chairman), Anne Maier (Vice Chairwoman)