The Kunstverein Ost is announcing this year’s KVOST Stipendium, which has been awarded in combination with the Claus Michaletz Preis since 2022. The 10,000 Euros prize is established in memory of the publisher and founder of the Secco Pontanova Foundation, Claus Michaletz. The full amount of the prize money goes to the scholarship holders. Together with the KVOST scholarship, which includes an artist in residency in Berlin with a subsequent solo exhibition at KVOST, the awarding of the Claus Michaletz Preis enables further, sustainable support for the artists.

The scholarship is aimed at artists whose biographical roots lie in Central and Eastern Europe / the former Eastern Bloc.

With the grant, KVOST invites artists to trace the complex network of meanings of Leipziger Strasse / Dönhoffplatz and its surroundings or delve into other geographical and biographical aspects of the East. The works created in this process will be presented in a solo exhibition starting with Berlin Art Week in September 2024.

The application documents are now available: KVOST Stipendium
Application deadline is April 3rd, 2024.