KVOST as guest at the nGbK : 02.07.2024 at 7 pm

Artist Talk : Auto-Perforations-Artisten
KVOST is pleased to announce an artist talk on the occasion of the exhibition “Die Auto-Perforations-Artisten (F.A.Q.)” with the members of the group Else Gabriel, Micha Brendel, Rainer Görß and Via Lewandowsky and the curator of the exhibition Stephan Koal. The event is a cooperation between nGbK and KVOST.

The Auto-Perforations-Artisten, founded at the HfbK Dresden, were active from 1982 to 1992. Auto-Perforations-Artistik is a specific art form that combines performances, installations, music and actions. Their work was centered around their own bodies, which were exhausted to the point of self-violation.  The work of the Auto-Perforations-Artisten developed in opposition to the prevailing dogmatically prescribed state culture and the art production of the GDR, which was oriented towards Socialist Realism. Today, the Auto-Perforations-Artisten are among the most important performance groups of the 1980s.

The talk will take place in the nGbK and will be held in German.