Soлomiya Magazine #2 Launch

24.03.2023 . 7 pm

Sebastian Wells (editor), Helena Melikov and Christian Dettler (SHIFT BOOKS), Collective Scrollan (art direction). Connected from Kyiv: Ivanna Kozachenko, Vsevolod Kazarin, Andrii Ushytskyi (editors).

The magazine Soлomiya was founded in April 2022 by photographers Vsevolod Kazarin from Kyiv and Sebastian Wells from Berlin to photograph young people on the streets of Kyiv and to showcase the work of other young artists from Ukraine. Distributed in Kyiv, Berlin, London, Brussels, Paris and some parts of the world, it sold out after a few months. Since October 2022, the editors Ivanna Kozachenko, Andrii Ushytskyi, Vsevolod Kazarin and Sebastian Wells as well as the art direction around Anne-Lene Proff and Peter Bünnagel  from Kollektiv Scrollan and the Berlin-based publishing house SHIFT BOOKS have been working on a second issue of the magazine. In addition to photography, film, contemporary art, literature and, most importantly, the everyday life of young people in Ukraine, the magazine attempts to convey the complex reality of life under the permanent gaze of Russian aggression through the works of talented and already well-known Ukrainian artists.