Opening . 26.04.2023 . 7 – 9 pm

und frühe Kunstaktionen in der DDR

27.04. – 30.07.2023

The exhibition “CLARA MOSCH and Early Art Actions in the GDR” is dedicated to the work of the producer’s gallery Clara Mosch, which was founded in Karl-Marx-Stadt (today’s Chemnitz) in 1977 and existed until 1982, as well as the artist group of the same name that developed from it. The distinctive name is an anagram made up of the beginnings of the last names of those involved – CLA = Carlfriedrich Claus, RA = Thomas Ranft and Dagmar Ranft-Schinke, MO = Michael Morgner, SCH = Gregor-Thorsten Schade. As founders of the first producer’s gallery in the GDR, as well as with their own wide-ranging work, the group is among the most important representatives of the GDR Avantgarde.

The exhibition combines original artworks, editions and posters together with photographs and videos from the Ralf-Rainer Wasse Archive of the Lindenau Museum Altenburg collection.

Foto: © Lindenau-Museum Altenburg / Archiv Ralf-Rainer Wasse