From December 2022, the exhibition series Screen[far]shots, which presents Ukrainian artists, will be on show at KVOST. It includes two alternating solo exhibitions in the KVOST SchauFenster, a photography exhibition with a book presentation and various accompanying events.

Curated by Vitalii Shupliak

Screen[far]shots attempts to make the viewer pause, to direct the eye away from the personal screen to the KVOST SchauFenster and thus to shed new light on a situation that has dominated news coverage in the West for more than a year: war in Europe, war in our immediate neighbourhood. Whereas the immediacy of the Russian attacks and the Ukrainian defence, which was broadcast by the media, initially caused consternation and a resulting solidarity, the images of the atrocities are becoming more commonplace with each passing month. The flood of images of horror, always available and ubiquitously transmitted to our screens, leads to a growing need to look away or inevitably to deadening empathy.

This is also ensured by the fight on another front, a front that is physically tangible on the countless screens of our everyday lives: The Ukrainian president is fighting like no head of state before him with the unconventional tools of a media professional. Putin’s Russia is responding with fake news and digital sabotage.

By means of multimedia artistic positions and without reproducing the everyday images of horror through brutal pictures, Screen[far]shots tries to draw attention back to what is crucial: empathy with the suffering that people in our immediate neighbourhood have to experience every day. Suffering that cannot be turned off by locking the screen.

Victoria Pidust . Untitled to war I
KVOST SchauFenster
01.12.2022 – 21.01.2023
The KVOST window is illuminated daily from 2-10 pm.
Opening: 30.11.2022 . 7 – 9 pm

Untitled to war I is a panoramic work by the artist Victoria Pidust (1992* UKR), created on the basis of a photo diary from a trip to Kyiv in spring 2022. The images appear abstract at first glance, but behind each of them is a reflection of the horrors of war, a destroyed building of a shopping mall. Using photogrammetry and artificial intelligence, Victoria Pidusts final 2D images deliberately play with the shortcomings and flaws of digital scans, raising the question of veracity and Russian manipulation of information, including modern propaganda and the use of deep fake.

Preview 2023

Yuriy Biley . Talue Of These Words Also Depends On You
KVOST SchauFenster
26.01.2023 – 04.03.2023
The KVOST window is illuminated daily from 2-10 pm.
Opening: 25.01.2023 . 7 – 9 pm

Bakin, Furyk, Kononova, Poliakov & Subach . Ukr. Work-in-Progress
Exhibition & book presentation at KVOST
25.02.2023. – 04.03.2023
Opening: 24.02.2023 . 7 – 9 pm
A cooperation between KVOST & EEP Berlin, curated by Amina Ahmed & Maya Hristova.