Dew in the Sun

OPENING . 14.09.2022 . 7 - 9 pm

Under the title Dew in the Sun, Olena Pronkina shows paintings on paper and canvas as well as clay works that were created in 2022 during her scholarship period in Berlin.

Pronkina works figuratively. She places her figures in a world she has constructed, depicting inner realities, feelings of belonging and strangeness in static, calm-looking scenarios. The title of the exhibition Dew in the Sun is taken from the Ukrainian national anthem.

“Our enemies shall vanish, like the dew in the sun, and we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own …”

Olena Pronkina: “For me, Dew in the Sun is a symbol of our country’s victory over evil, victory over the terror of the Russian invaders, because the dew inevitably disappears in the rays of the sun.”

Like hardly any other event, the war in Ukraine has provoked the question of what distinguishes a human being or what makes him an inhuman being in his cruelty. Pronkina’s paintings and sculptures do not answer this question, but they provoke the question of the inner self. Her works address existential questions of our human nature and condition. The alienating and enigmatic figures in the artist’s pictorial worlds, the mask-like heads of her ceramics point to a mystical, spiritual reality.

Olena Pronkina was born in 1988 in Uzbekistan and grew up in Ukraine. Her preferred media are painting and ceramics. Until Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Pronkina lived and worked in Kyiv. Like many artists, she fled to the west of the country to Lviv.

With the kind support of the sculpture workshop in the Kulturwerk of the bbk Berlin.

Olena Pronkina is the winner of the KVOST scholarship 2022.